Welcome to our listings of local area bands. If you were in a local Cleveland/Akron/Kent/Youngstown band between the early ’70s through the late 2000s, please send your information including a bio, some photos, and music files (if possible) and we will include them in this list for free!

Gypsy Moths

The Gypsy Moths were Leo Walsh (later aka Leo P. Love) on drums; Joe Milan on bass and both JD Spinner and Bill Stone on guitars and vocals.  The music was simple and catchy - very catchy. 

In Fear Of Roses

Although hailing from Akron, Ohio, In Fear of Roses was a main fixture on the Cleveland music scene in the mid 1980s to early 1990s.  The band, Ernie Smith (rhythm guitars/vocals, Tracy Ramer (lead guitar), Bob Szeles (drums & percussion), Gerard Dominick (bass) and Georgi Hudson Smith (keyboards/vocals) brought a powerful new wave and world sound blend to Northeast Ohio. 

Max Crucial & The Krushers
Like many NE Ohio bands, it started with an ad in the Scene. William Russell Jones AKA Billy Russell was a songwriter/guitarist/vocalist in need of a band. Having suffered through the breakup of his marriage, Russell focused his energy into demoing his songs utilizing the home recording technology of the day – a four track Tascam cassette recorder, a Korg drum machine, a Casio keyboard along with his Peavy guitar and bass.
Medicine Men/Medicine Show/Skydragster

Medicine Show began in the early 1990's, first with former Gypsy Moths, drummer Leo Walsh and guitarist/vocalist Bill Stone joining Dannery and Maracz. The short-lived band, dubbed the Airdales, released one song, "Caught In A Dream" on the 1991 Jim Clevo Presentations compilation Clearing the Air. Walsh left to form the Cowslingers and Walk-Ins drummer Rich Masarik signed on.

Every music lover has at least one.  That album.  THAT album that you missed when it was first released and you found it, but the band was already lost to history.  Superkreme's self-titled (and only) album is one of mine.