Welcome to our listings of local area bands. If you were in a local Cleveland/Akron/Kent/Youngstown band between the early ’70s through the late 2000s, please send your information including a bio, some photos, and music files (if possible) and we will include them in this list for free!

3D was the vehicle for songwriter Michael Purkhiser (formerly of the Action and the Walking Clampetts) in the mid to late 1990's.
The Action
The Action was charged by the songwriting of guitarist/vocalist Michael Purkhiser who along with bassist/vocalist Brett Warren and drummer Brian Shearer (replaced later by Cliff Bryant) cut their teeth playing 60’s style, Beatles influenced rock with a new wave edge in clubs around NE Ohio.
The Adults
It started with a challenge to Cleveland rock legend, Raven Slaughter. Aspiring guitarist, Paul Michael recounted to Deanna Adams...
The Earl Rays

What did a kid from the country do when he wanted to rock in the 1980s? Why, he went to the big city with a batch of songs, a guitar and a dream, formed what became one of the legendary NE Ohio bands from the late 1980's/early 1990's and spent five years spreading the gospel of guitar rock to the masses while having the time of his life. It's a common story, but for the NE Ohio music scene, no band was a better example of this than the Earl Rays.

The French Lenards

The French Lenards were the musical vehicle primarily for Tom Jares who had played guitar in the final version of the legendary Wild Giraffes.  The influences are widespread - new wave, soul music, old time rock and roll and a little jazz, too and Tom's voice is unique giving the songs their own character.