Like many NE Ohio bands, it started with an ad in the Scene. William Russell Jones AKA Billy Russell was a songwriter/guitarist/vocalist in need of a band. Having suffered through the breakup of his marriage, Russell focused his energy into demoing his songs utilizing the home recording technology of the day – a four track Tascam cassette recorder, a Korg drum machine, a Casio keyboard along with his Peavy guitar and bass. In the 1980’s, well-before the advent of the Internet, there were only two ways to find musicians – word of mouth or an ad in the back of Scene magazine, the weekly “go to” publication thatRead More →

Butterfield 8 Click the play button above to list to the podcast I’m back in the saddle sharing the oral histories of the Northeast Ohio music scene. This month, we feature an interview with Jim Butterfield who made his mark in the 1980s and early 1990s as Butterfield 8. Butterfield 8 was Jim’s studio project which he created after a successful run leading the Leisure Set which featured Cleveland radio personality, Laura ‘La’ Ferrell on vocals. Butterfield 8 released a 7 inch in 1984, “I Just Came To Dance” b/w “Matter of Fact” before releasing the Kevin McMahon (Lucky Pierre) produced, new wave-influenced EP, Just Listen inRead More →

This month’s podcast is an interview with Dan & Scott Phillips who burst onto the Cleveland music scene in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s as one half of Rotary Ten. Both brothers are still making music today. Earlier this month, Dan who is based in Cincinnati by way of Chicago, released a new, self-titled album as Zapruder Point + The Brightness. This past Friday, Scott who has lived in Raleigh, North Carolina since the 2000’s, released a five-song EP titled Orchard as The Monologue Bombs. We talk about the brothers’ Northeast Ohio roots, the unique sound of Rotary Ten, their evolution as The Boy Wonder Jinx after theirRead More →

One year ago today, Listen Project Radio went live publicly. I have truly enjoyed bringing the music of Northeast Ohio to the digital airwaves and I hope that those of you who have listen to the station have enjoyed what you’ve heard. If you haven’t listened to LPR, why not? Over the next few days, to celebrate our first anniversary, we are suspending our scheduled programming, throwing open the LPR vault and letting it play. You will hear an incredibly diverse amount of Cleveland, Akron and Kent music (OK, a little from elsewhere around Ohio) stretching from the 1960s through the early 2000s plus new music releasedRead More →